Lunch with Labs

One of Duo's key values is "Learning Together." In this industry, it's critical to keep ingesting new knowledge. Duo makes this a key part of our mission, to stay on top of new technologies, and as part of that effort, the Duo Labs team periodically hosts a Lunch with Labs, in which we present an introduction to a new technology to the rest of the company and everyone gets to eat their favorite kind of lunch. Free.

I was fortunate to get to spend several months investigating different service mesh and container orchestration platforms, and in so doing, got to learn a bit about Kubernetes. Jordan Wright and I put together a "Kubernetes 101" LwL talk to help introduce some of the basic building blocks of Kubernetes to more engineers within Duo.


EECS 388

As a new student at the University of Michigan, I had the opportunity to become a Graduate Student Instructor for the undergraduate computer security course. This was a very fulfilling and rewarding experience, working with students in a university environment. I also rebuilt one of the course projects. As a side benefit, I got to learn a lot of new things that weren't covered in my own undergraduate security course!


Cyber Technologies Academy

In 2013, after running the CCD for awhile, I decided to volunteer at my old high school, teaching programming classes after school once a week. Unfortunately, after six weeks, the school decided to stop the program.

So, leveraging our experience with the CCD, Steve Hurd and I started a more ambitious volunteer program at Sandia called the Cyber Technologies Academy. The CTA became an instant hit among local high schools. In 2014 alone, volunteers from Sandia's staff taught over 200 unique students core computer science skills like programming, the Linux command-line, and networking, with a healthy dose of security topics throughout.

Over the second half of 2014 and first half of 2015, we expanded our flagship class, an Introduction to Cyber Technologies, and released both an exercise image and textbook for the class on the CTA website for free public use.


Center for Cyber Defenders

After being an intern through the CCD myself in 2009 and 2010, Steve Hurd handed me leadership of the program when I rejoined Sandia as a full-time employee, and I continued to run the program through 2014 when I began searching for PhD programs and knew I needed to hand off the program to someone new. Most of the year was management-like duties -- hiring, managing project funding, etc. -- but for three months each summer, I got to work with and mentor 15 students from a mix of high school, undergraduate, and graduate programs. We worked on security projects such as large-scale malware analysis frameworks, pen-testing internal systems, and developing new heuristics for network anomaly detection, among others. The program is a ton of fun and is looking for new security-focused interns every year. If you're looking for an internship, I'd strongly recommend it!