About Me

Jeremy is a Tech Lead at Duo Labs, where he's working on the next generation of zero trust networking and passwordless authentication. He recently did a brief stint as a Ph.D. student at the University of Michigan, where he achieved candidacy but decided the academic life was not for him. His interests primarily fall under the wide category of network and systems security, although he has also done work in the cloud, mobile, IoT, and autonomous vehicle areas. He received his M.S. in Computer Science from the University of California, Davis, with a focus on Android security and privacy. He has previously been a researcher / developer / instructor at Sandia National Laboratories in California where he ran the Center for Cyber Defenders internship program for several years and founded the Cyber Technologies Academy. He also worked on a bunch of other projects, like FARM and minimega. He is known for sending "donut" emails from any unlocked and unattended computer. You've been warned.

Jeremy recently moved to the Seattle area with his wife and two dogs, Calvin and Hobbes. He enjoys working on and autocrossing his STR-class miata whenever he gets a chance. He also recently picked up a VR kit and is learning Beat Saber.

About this Site

The inital template for this page was lovingly ripped off from BlackrockDigital under the MIT license.

After ripping out all the javascript and animations, what's left is completely static and written by hand. It renders on desktop and mobile Chrome, so if it's looking funny on your screen, sorry! HTML and CSS only, no javascript, no tracking, no analytics. Adblock welcomed! (there are no ads)

I use LetsEncrypt to help keep my site secure. It's not that there's anything worth encrypting on my site, it's that HTTPS keeps you safe from things that aren't on my site.